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Progress Reports

The statuses of the research topics in the laboratories of BLSC are reported after each seminar talk.

Date & DayName of Lab.TitleReporter
2018/1/19 Fri.Shono Lab.Study of Super resolution for Micro CT imageMiku MASHIMO
 Shono Lab.An feature analysis of CNN using SVCCAToya TERAMOTO
 Kano Lab.Elucidation of pH homeostasis in skeletal muscle cells using in vivo bioimagingYoshinori TANAKA
2017/12/15 Fri.Yamazaki Lab.Implementation of synaptic plasticity for online learning on the cat-scale artificial cerebellumWataru FURUSHO
 Miyawaki Lab.Study of tactile information representation in the human cerebral cortexShota ETO 
2017/11/28 Tue.Matsuda Lab.Biochemical analysis for the interaction between TARP and SNX17Hiroki YAMAZAKI
2017/10/25 Wed.Okada Lab.The development of gait motion biofeedback system by using inertial sensorTomohiro NISHIMURA
 Masamoto Lab.Three-dimensional imaging and quantification of neurovascular coupling in the mouse cerebral cortexHiroshi TAKEDA
2017/8/4 Fri.Tanaka Lab.A mathematical model of tripartite synapsesMasaki HAYASHI
 Yokoi Lab.A shoulder disarticulation prosthesis controlled by surface electromyographySusumu KIMIZUKA
2017/7/20 Thu.Jan Lab.Interfacing prosthetic hands and amputeesYinlai JIANG
 Yamada Lab.Effect of head structures and skin blood volumes on the optical mapping imagesYukio YAMADA
2017/6/13 Tue.Miyawaki Lab.Analysis of gaze sequence dependence on object categories during natural scene observationKazuaki AKAMATSU
 Maki Lab.Development and aplication of NIR firefly bioluminescent substratesMasahiro KIYAMA
2017/6/9 Fri.Masamoto Lab.Neural modulation induced by local increase in cerebral blood flow using optogeneticsNao HATAKEYAMA
 Kano Lab.Effect of aging and exercise training on coronary arterial endothelial functionKazuki HOTTA
2017/5/23 Tue.Koike Lab.Analysis of the mechanism of dysfunction of the inner ear by using cochlear finite-element modelSinyoung LEE
  Koike Lab.Development of measurement method for aspiration testTakahiro SUZUKI
  Koike Lab.Development of implantable bone conduction hearing aidYohei WAGAI

Annual Report of 2016

Annual report of 2016 is published. Annual Report of 2016

Achievements in Education by Mar. 2017

Summary of the achievements in education by March 2017 is shown. AchievementsEducation2016

Annual Report from 2013 to 2015

Annual report from 2013 to 2015 is published. BLSC-AnnualReport2015English


Refer to the "BLSC-AnnualReport2015English" for the period before 2015. 


Refer to the "BLSC-AnnualReport2015English" for the period before 2015.